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Vega Squadron Loses 2-0 to Monkey Business 18.09.2015 Author // theDabca

Second day of the MLG World Finals European Qualifiers sees RUVega Squadron lose 2-0 to EUMonkey Business and drop out of the single-elimination qualifiers.

Sadly that last sentence was a pun as there were some serious mistakes from our team as well as some great play coming from Miracle, N0tail, and Moonmeander.

First game Pasha played an outstanding Phantom Lancer as usual, but the play calling from Cema was just not there. No[o]ne dove too deep on multiple occasions and saw a massive lead over EUMonkey Business evaporate in a few minutes. Even with Pasha on top of the net worth charts, the team just could not handle N0tails tiny, with a Butterfly and an Aghanims Scepter he reached raid boss level not even expending the Aegis in the last fight.

Second game saw No[o]ne play Bristleback mid against Huskar and he did well, but Pasha fed a few key kills early against a solo Earthshaker and Mag fed a key first death to Io in the early laning phase. From then on it was a downward spiral with Miracle having more last hits in the midlane than Pasha on the Radiant safelane. One last Hail Mary smoke onto Miracle almost paid off, but they could not burst the Raid Boss Huskar before the Dazzle TP-ed into the fight.

In the end, I think Cema underestimated the dynamic drafting coming from Fly and the great pair of cores in the form of N0tail and Miracle who can just play anything. EUMonkey Business makes greedy drafting look good, and I doubt any team can draft the same way except for the old EUTeam Secret or USEG.

It was great to have everyone supporting RUVega Squadron and we look to improve and adapt from here! Make sure to catch us in New York for ESL One and also watch as we battle the best in Europe for the WCA and Nanyang Championships European Qualifers at the end of this month!