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Vega Squadron LCL Summer Split roster 19.06.2019 Author // Ace

Vega Squadron is glad to announce the roster that will be protecting our tag in the LCL Summer Split 2019. "Sharks" are happy to welcome back top laner Rafael 'Doxy' Adl Zarabi and coach Dmitriy 'Moo' Sukhanov - people that made their first steps in their professional career together with Vega Squadron. 

Our jungle will be given by Ilya 'Kreox' Grom with Anton 'DiscotEkka' Shestakov taking over middle lane. Bottom will stay the same - Ilya 'Gadget' Makavchuk and Alexandr 'SaNTaS' Lifashin.

Vega Squadron CEO, Alexey Kondakov: 

- Even though our champions roster has been disbanded, we still managed to arrange a solid squad. We saved the best bot lane of the last split and added 3 more high skilled players and one of the most experienced coaches in CIS. 

We've got positive feelings about this split and are planning to fight for the highest places once again in LCL! 

Team coach, Dmitriy 'Moo' Sukhanov: 

- It will be a great honor for me to work as an invichanger in the organization that has been a home to me when I just started in CIS. Together with our roster we'll do everything to achieve the best results! 

Vega Squadron roster for the Summer Split: 

Rafael 'Doxy' Adl Zarabi 
Ilya 'Kreox' Grom 
Anton 'DiscotEkka' Shestakov 
Ilya 'Gadget' Makavchuk

Alexandr 'SaNTaS' Lifashin

Dmitriy 'Moo' Sukhanov (coach) 
Ivan 'Oneself' Platonov (analyst) 
Kirill 'Jamespeke' Kartashov (manager)