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Vega Squadron on LCL Open Cup 29.06.2019 Author // Ace

On the 29th of June Vega Squadron will begin it's way on LCL Open Cup. During June 29th - July 25th 15 teams including 7 LCL ones will be fighting for their place in play-offs. Teams have been divided in 4 groups with 4 squads in each except for Group B - the one Vega Squadron ended up in - since Vaevictis Esports withdrew from the tournament.

Vega Squadron schedule for LCL Open Cup groupstage (CEST):

June 29:

17:00 - vs RoflKekTurboLoL
18:00 - vs Infinity Challenge

July 10:

21:00 - vs RoflKekTurboLoL

July 13:

18:00 - vs Infinity Challenge

Тhe broadcast of the tournament is avaialble via Riot Games LIVE-service