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Vega Squadron LCL-2022 Spring Split Roster 06.02.2022 Author // Ace

Vega Squadron are delighted to present our renewed roster for the upcoming LCL Spring Split 2022. For the first time in two years, the roster was gathered not by Kirill "JamesPeke" Katashov as Viktor "VTorNic" Koloda is in charge.

The main part of the roster beyond The Cemen is playing together for about one year. The team will also play with both mid lanes in a gull six-man roster. The aim for the upcoming split is to qualify for the play-offs.

Vega Squadron LCL-2022 Spring Split roster

Roman Ques Generalov (Top lane)
Alexander TsarCanya Sinyakov (Jungle)
Valentīns Articuna Virvičs (Mid lane)
Yuri The Cemen Blyzniuk (Mid lane)
Felix Laatch Melin (ADC)
Kirill Tristesse Nazarov (Support)

Viktor "VTorNic" Koloda (coach, manager)