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Vega Squadron hit the silver on PUBG Qiwi Team Play 15.07.2018 Author // Ace

On July 14-15th Vega Squadron has been taking part in the first season of Qiwi Team Play PUBG.

In the first day the 16 best squads have been defined from a list of 24 teams that would continue fighting for their chunk of 100,000 RUB prize pool. "Sharks" advanced to this stage with ease.

First 2 games were on Erangel. Vega got bad luck with their zone in the first game, then they spawned in an unfortunate plane. Despite such bad luck, "sharks" finished top-5 twice and scored quite some kills, so they had all the means to compete with ForZe and M19 for the highest place in the charts.

Then there was Miramar and "sharks" finished in top-5 once again, they took 4th place, to be precise. In the decisive map M19 died quite early, but ForZe and Vega had to rotate all the time. Moreover, a team called P@UKY CLAN suddenly joined the fight for the title.

However, the abovementioned squad didn't make it to top-4. Kemba7, however, solo carried his team to top-2, but it still wasn't enough to finish first
Vega ended up being second.