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Vega Squadron - Heroic. 2-0 against favorites! 23.02.2017 Author // sirVatum

Vega Squadron began their way on Starladder i-League Season 3.


On drafting phase Vega got rid of cobblestone and inferno and chose overpass. Their opponents went for nuke after banning cache and mirage. Train was the last one standing.


First map - Overpass


Heroic went as defense, but got outplayed by Vega in the first pistol round, scoring 2 more rounds afterwards. Then CT took a couple rounds. Agressive moves by Vega payed off and they were not really far away from Heroic. Add good shooting to all that and you'll receive a 7-7 half with last round ending with jR and MODDII duel with latter coming out of it alive.

Second half of overpass wasn't clear up until moment, teams couldn't get advantage, losing economy all the time. In last 5 rounds Vega were stronger and the scores showed 16-11.



Second map - Nuke


The beginning was quite the same as first. Heroic took side, Vega took 3 rounds and then gave away device one. This time "sharks" took the initiative taking one round after another and scoring 1-7. Heroic managed to calm down and fix their economy, they even made the scores back even, but last one was Vega's anyways. 8-7.

So, Heroic won pistol round as T, but "squadron" replied with killing the opponent with devices. "Sharks" were outplaying the opponent on important rounds guessing their every move. After taking 15 rounds Vega, however, gave away 6 match points, but sealed the deal eventually: 16-14.

2:0 against group favorites - it's a great beginning of the tournament for Vega Squadron!