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Vega Squadron finishes third on LCL Open Cup 14.07.2018 Author // Ace

LCL Open Cup play-offs began on Saturday, July 14th.

Vega Squadron faced M19 in the upper bracket semifinals. "Sharks" took the second map and gave a good fight on the third one, losing by just a couple mistakes.

In the lower brackets Vega stomped Team Just like in groupstage without even wasting an hour of playtime. All that to face M19 again - this time it was the only step away from the Grand Finals.

This match was different. M19 took the first game with quite some confidence, in the second one Vega failed to display the proper Gold Funnel strategy and left the tournament.

Despite such results, Vega may still be satisfied with the results as they've made it to this stage from closed qualifier stage by winning 7 series.