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Vega Squadron enters Playerunknown's Battlegrounds 04.12.2017 Author // Konservator

The number of esports disciplines increases every single day and only a few make it to the international scene thanks to their unique playstyle and community support. Vega Squadron organization announces a roster in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds - a project with incredible growth rates since the very early access back in March 2017.

So "sharks" signed a roster called Grachi that has tournament experience in Russia and abroad. Currently the team is in top-20 of the world and Vega Squadron support will become an excellent source of higher results.

Alexey Kondakov, Vega Squadron CEO:

— It's been awhile since we decided to open a team in PUBG. This shooter prove to be a real competitive discipline but the esports structure still requires some changes and more participants. Vega Squadron has been looking for the worthy candidates for a while, so I've met these guys personally in Cyberspace arena and they left only positive impressions. They needs to improve themselves together with the game and I'm sure that it will work out with our support.

Georgy «drAmer» Faleev, Vega Squadron Esports Director:

— PUBG is a completely new and somewhat revolutionary discipline in eSports. The game hasn't been released officially but has already found millions of fans all around the globe. Vega Squadron are glad to announce the Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds team. Guys are relative newcomers on the pro-stage but they're full enthusiasm and desire to win. Moreover, they're one of the best in CIS.

Georgy «FiftyFourth» Tikhonov, Vega Squadron PUBG team captain:

— We are happy to become a part of Vega Squadron team and I would like to thank the organization for the trust. Our team has overcome many difficulties in order to become a part of such a large organization eventually. We are not stopping at what we've already achieved and will strive for new heights in PUBG under strict guidance of Vega Squadron.

Vega Squadron Playerunknown's Battlegrounds roster:

  • Georgy «FiftyFourth» Tikhonov
  • Maxim «Maxiz0r» Tatarintsev
  • Mikhail «ENINOEL» Prudnikov
  • Ravil «VampireGame» Yarulin