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Vega Squadron duets will take part in GLL Wingman Sanhok 10.07.2018 Author // Ace

The new Global Loot League Wingman series tournament begins on June, 10th. The main feature of the tournament is that it's going to be hosted on the new map, Sanhok. Vega Squadron players will take part in the competition with Maxiz0r/Vampire and Kemba7/KippieTheSlayer pairs.

The first stage of the qualifiers is scheduled for the 10th of June and will be using the bo3 format, the second one will happen on July 12th with bo4 system present, and the last fight for the 10 invites in CIS finals will feature 6 maps. In the decisive battle we'll not only see 10 pairs from CIS, but also 14 duo's from EU qualifiers and 8 invited pairs.

The finals of the tournament are scheduled for July 14th and will as well be using bo6 format.

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