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Vega Squadron Dota 2 Roster 09.04.2017 Author // Ace

Vega Squadron defined their roster for the upcoming tournament. These 5 players will debut next week on DreamLeague Season 7 qualifiers. First position will be given to Ilya «Alohadance» Korobkin, midlane stays for Sergey «G» Bragin, offlane will be taken by Vasily «Afterlife» Shishkin and 2nd support together with Semion «CemaTheSlayeR» Krivulya will be Airat «Silent» Gaziev. 


Vega Squadron CEO, Alexey Kondakov:

- This roster has been arranged after a couple weeks of try-outs. We decided that this is the optimal team from all the possible options. Practice matches looked fine but the main test is about to happen on DreamLeague. We'll make first serious conclusions based on the results of this roster. 

As a reminder, we're not in a hurry to make a final decision about who's playing under our tag right til the International 7 and will use all the time remaining until the roster lock. Final roster will be announced later.


Vega Squadron Roster for DreamLeague Qualifiers:

Ilya «Alohadance» Korobkin
Sergey «G» Bragin
Vasily «Afterlife» Shishkin
Airat «Silent» Gaziev
Semion «CemaTheSlayeR» Krivulya