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Vega Squadron didn't beat M19 on LCL last week 29.07.2017 Author // sirVatum

Vega met M19 in one of th key matches of the LCL last week.

Vega: Gnar (NoNholy), Zac (Zanzarah), Corki (Nomanz), Ashe (Optimas), Braum (Delord)
М19: Jayce (Smurf), Maokai (Reach), Vladimir (Lukezy), Varus (Vincent), Alistar (Likkrit)

From the very first minutes junglers started playing agressive. Vladimir had more options to escape ganks, so M19 had an advantage here. Likkrit was taking part in ganks rotating from botlane and these moves brought a lot of chaos into Vega's gameplay and they were forced to make mistakes.

Even though "sharks" took the first dragon, tower and Herald, they still weren't able to stay ahead in terms of gold. Then "squadron" forced a fight on Baron where M19's teamfight composition didn't leave Vega chances. With Nashor buff opponent took 2 lanes after that they regroups and finished a fight in one fight on toplane.