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Vega Squadron did not make it to Binary Dragons Cup quarterfinals 31.03.2017 Author // sirVatum

Vega – FlipSid3 – 16:14 (Overpass)


According to the brackets, Vega began their matches with one against FlipSid3 Tactics. In bo1 series the only map left was Overpass that was fine with both teams. "Sharks" began as attack and opened the scores, taking the 5:0 lead. However, they almost lost a round against only pistols that really hurt their economy in round 6. FlipSid3 made a comeback and even won the defense 8:7.

"Squadron" won the second pistol round and rushed towards victory, leading 15:11, but once again almost threw the game. 27th round was lost and it all came down to an intense ending where keshandR basically defined the outcome of the game himself in round 30.


Vega – iGame.com – 11:16 (Train)


Vega lost the knife round and began as attack and took the pistol one. Then they lost the force-buy, exchanged rounds, but iGame still got themselves a couple rounds of leadership 6:2. After taking the round with devices Vega lost once more. "Squadron" were burning 11:3, but took the final round.

Great pistols in defence and absence of mistakes on traditional +2 brought some hope in "sharks" fans' hearts, first device round made it even stronger. After taking another pistol round, Vega lost the force-buy and they were left with no economy. This particular round broke Vega and they lost the map 16:11.


Vega – FlipSid3 – 8:16 (Overpass)


Playing as attack FlipSid3 took the pistol round and scored traditional 3:0. First device round also finished in F3 favor, but "sharks" instead took the 5th one. Next round was incredibly even and WorldEdit ended up being stronger then chopper at bomb and was left with 1hp.Vega Squadron took 11th round and in 14th mir scored -3 and basically took another round for his team, but the first half still looked like a nightmare - 3:12.

Trying to play agressive as T "squadron" lost their second pistol round. However, they didn't give up, bought devices and took 5 more rounds in a row, but FlipSid3's advantage was too big. After losing 22th round "sharks" lost 8:16 and left the tournament.