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Vega Squadron cooperates with Marlerino Esports 21.03.2019 Author // Ace

Vega Squadron begins cooperation with Marlerino Esports. As a part of it, Marlerino Dota 2 roster will be representing Vega. The primary aim of this cooperation is to improve the results of the team. And today this team is going to take part in MDL Major open qualifiers and will then go to bootcamp on March 24th.

Vega Squadron CEO, Alexey Kondakov

- Currently there are no other promising Dota 2 options in Europe or CIS, so we decided to make a bet on young and talented players. Marlerino roster attracted our attention because very promising guys are playing there. Instead of just buying the roster, we decided to cooperate with this organization.

With Vega resources that Marlerino guys lacked we want to help the team reach CIS closed qualifiers at the very least. We believe that this step will help our region find new talents and get a "fresh" team that is worthy to go to the LAN tournaments.

Vega Squadron Dota 2 roster:

Arslan "xannii" Shadjanov
Danil "gpk" Skutin
Yaroslav "gurin" Gurin
Anton "antoha" Marchenko
Danis "spacy" Ibragimov