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Vega Squadron is the China Top Shenzhen champion! 22.11.2017 Author // Konservator

Second China Top championships in 2017 went with traditional presense of "sharks" that already took the trophy. After feeling the taste of defeat, Vega Squadron took revenge and beat all the opponents and defended their title!

Our team began it's way from a defeat from TyLoo in upper brackets, then they dealt with Flash Gaming with ease and prepared for the rematch against Bondik's team that was playing without him this time.

On November 22nd Vega faced great aim on the opponent's side and it made them change strategies many times. After 6 overtime rounds Vega Squadron advanced to the grand-finals to face Polish team AGO that our shooters got tired of in the previous matches. But this time "sharks" came out victorious and defended their title, becoming the two-time champions of the China Top and taking $75,300 prize pool home.

Thanks to all the fans that were cheering for us no matter what were the results! More challenges lie ahead and in order to not miss any of those - check this website or follow our social media below: