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Vega Squadron changes Dota 2 roster 22.03.2016 Author // Ace

After a year of playing with the same team, Vega makes the first changes in the Dota 2 roster. Pavel "9Pasha" Hvastunov leaves the 1st position. His role will be taken by Rostislav "fn" Lozovoi. In the current season Rostislav has been playing for such teams as newteam123123, PRIES and Power Rangers. He also used to be a stand-in for many different professional teams. During last year summer he also played in Vega Squadron as a replacement for No[o]ne. Fn's debut with his new team will take place today on DreamLeague.


This is what Vega Squadron CEO, Alexey Kondakov, had to say about this roster change:


- Today Vega Squadron had to make the most difficult decision ever since Starcraft 2 roster was disbanded. For the first time in quite a while we're changing our Dota 2 roster. You know that we're doing our best to keep it stable but this time the whole team is confident that this change is made for the sake of good results and productivity. Fn is one of the best young CIS players and we're hoping he'll help us fix the current problems. We also realize that such changes in the very end of transfer window is a huge risk, but we're confident that it's only for the best.


For a year and a half Pasha prove to be a very high level player. He helped his team to win many important tournaments. It might be hard for our fans to handle this news, but these are the realities of big-time sports. We already told you that our main aim is to get the best result possible and somtimes it means you have to sacrifice something for a greater good.


We're thankful to Pavel for all the time he spent in Vega Squadron. We'll be happy to see him on the battlefields and LAN tournaments again and wish him best of luck in his future career!