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Vega Squadron on Binary Dragons csgopolygon - Season 1 25.03.2017 Author // Ace

The groups and the schedule for Binary Dragon csgopolygon - Season 1 have been announced. Vega Squadron are among the participants together with other 15 teams divided in 4 groups. Vega are in the same quartet with FlipSid3, iGame and ak-47. The tournament is using GSL system.

In the first round Vega will face FlipSid3 while iGame will fight ak-47. Vega - F3 match is scheduled for 18:00 CET, March 26, but since some teams are about to take part in DreamHack Austin qualifiers the game will be delayed.

As a reminder, tournament will be going from March, 26 up till April 2 and the prize pool will be $20,000 with winner being given $12,000 of those.