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Vega Squadron becomes the China Top 2017 champion 01.10.2017 Author // Konservator

After 6 won matches in China "sharks" earn themselves the Champions title and $45,000 prize on China Top 2017.

Vega Squadron have been directly invited to the competition that lasts for 2 years already and is supported by China government. In Double Elimination brackets our team was presenting CIS in matches against teams from Singapour, China and Taiwan. 

In the first day our team successfully beat BOOT.dreamScape but looked completely different against Vici Gaming. Team couldn't develop the right strategy for the game against Chinese aim and even buy rounds looked like "eco's".

Early morning of the 1ts of October Vega Squadron beat BOOT.dS once again and an hour later "sharks" punished Vici for all the mistakes that were noticed in the first day. jR, mir, hutji, Chopper, keshandr and Fierce stopped the opponents one step away from the Champions' title, earned themselves victory and were rewarded with $45,000 prize pool.

Thanks for cheering for us! Our team is about to have a couple days of rest and then practice hard for EMEA-finals for ROG Masters in Krefeld. Recaps may be found here, on official website, or in social media: