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Vega Squadron become champions of Royal Arena Season 2 04.01.2017 Author // Ace

In Royal Arena #2 finals Vega Squadron faced Rebels.


First map picks:
Vega: Luna (Ditya Ra), Silencer (G), Nyx (Mag), Bounty Hunter (SoNNeikO), Dazzle (CeMa)
Rebels: Timbersaw (Sedoy), Sniper (Afoninje), Weaver (Shachlo), Slardar (Rodjer), Crystal Maiden (ArsZeqq)

On the first map Vega went for a signature Luna and Rebels replied with strong minus armor combo and physical damage together with Timbersaw. "Saw" had some troubles at start, as he wasn't given any chance to snowball, and "sharks" heroes were strong against this hero as well.

Moreover, Vega failed to make use of their advantage in midgame and soon it became 4+1 with every "sharks" working for one Luna. But it did it's job, and "squadron" opened the scores.


Second map picks:
Vega: Juggernaut (Ditya Ra), Meepo (G), Dark Seer (Mag), Earth Spirit (SoNNeikO), Rubick (CeMa)
Rebels: Drow Ranger (Sedoy), Mirana (Afoninje), Omninight (Shachlo), Batrider (Rodjer), Witch Doctor (ArsZeqq)

On the second map Rebels didn't expect Meepo by Vega that G used to pick in 2014. This Meepo pick was the first in the history of Vega, and Rebels had no answers to it. Meepo could do whatever he wanted as the opponent didn't have anything to kill him.

G didn't really get a huge boost as it usually happens to Meepo, though. Still, his team supported him and together, as a unit, they managed to achieve victory. Now a Meepo ban is definetely a thing to consider for our opponents.


Third map picks:
Vega: Lifestealer (Ditya Ra), Alchemist (G), Batrider (Mag), Io (SoNNeikO), Disruptor (CeMa)
Rebels: Drow Ranger (Sedoy), Outworld Devourer (Afoninje), Underlord (Shachlo), Pudge (Rodjer), Silencer (ArsZeqq)

On the third map Rebels decided to experiment and Vega looked really confused at start. Even though the earlygame wasn't in their favor, "Sharks" made it so both cores are getting their farm and Rebels only managed to get 1 set of barracks as a punishment for Vega's mistakes.

"Squadron" didn't give up even though they could afford themselves losing here. They waited patiently for lategame and their opponent had no chances there. 3:0 and Vega are winning their first online tournament since 2015.