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Vega Squadron beat Nova and qualified for LAN CIS Minor 19.05.2017 Author // sirVatum

Vega Squadron played a match against Nova for the invite to CIS Minor.

First map - Train

"Sharks" began their game with a defeat in pistol round and played it back after the buy in 4th one. Without any reisistance Vega scored 9 rounds in a row and when the half ended Nova only had 4 rounds taken as defence.

As CT Vega took the pistol round, but lost the force-buy. And even with that "squadron" went on putting pressure and finished the game 16-5.

Second map - Mirage

Vega won the pistol round as T and threw the first device one. Then "squadron" started playing with 5 ak47 and lost 2 rounds because of that. However, next episode "sharks" killed 5 opponents without losing anyone and broke the opponents' economy, so Nova lost control over the map.

Vega finished the half 11-4 once again and didn't give away any more until the game end. 16-4 and Vega Squadron are going to the CIS Minor LAN which is scheduled for June 8-11 and will be hosted in Moscow.