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Vega Squadron are the Champions of ESL One New York! 05.10.2015 Author // Lucky Luciano

ESL One New York is over and we're proud to announce that we're the WINNER of it! By crushing the strongest teams like EUTeam Secret and CNInvictus Gaming our team, RUVega Squadron, becomes the champion of ESL One!

We promised you new achievements and new victories, and here we kept our word! "The Great Reshuffle" is over and teams were waiting for the ESL to find out the balance of power on Dota 2 professional scene. RUVega Squadron decided not to make any changes in the roster and now everyone knows it was the right decision. Our team practiced a lot and now we're at the very top of the strongest teams in the world!

After dealing with the current Aegis holders, USEvil Geniuses, our team continued their victorious streak. They were to face CNInvictus Gaming, who brought down RUVirtus.pro. IG took the first map, the second one could be the last for us, so agressive Ursa was picked. It worked amazingly well together with Queen of Pain by No[o]ne and Beastmaster by Mag. The third game went relatively smooth for our squad because iG made a horrible mistake by giving 9pashaebashu his beloved Ember Spirit. Pasha didn't have any mercy saved for iG so the game ended with a 6-31 score.

ESL One New York final didn't take much time to start. Right after CNInvictus Gaming we had to face the team even stronger - EUTeam Secret. Let's be honest, almost noone believed in us, but after the first map everything has changed. Tiny+Io by No[o]ne and Solo didn't leave EUTeam Secret even a smallest opportunity to win. Even a Divine Rapier on Anti-Mage by EternalEnVy couldn't stop Vega's crushing wave. The final score ended up being 38-12 in Vega's favor.

Second map ended with a victory of EUTeam Secret. Puppey picked his signature Enchantress and w33 got himself Meepo. Basic "secret" picks brought them the victory in this game.

The third map was very close. Both teams were playing very safely, thinking of every single move and making almost no mistakes at all. But just as CNInvictus Gaming, EUTeam Secret underestimated the power of Ember Spirit in Pasha's hands. And as we all well know, 9pashaebashu's Ember doesn't forgive anyone who underestimates him. RUVega Squadron took heroes they needed, showed flawless coordination, high personal skill and incredible amount of patience. Congratulations!

It was truly amazing. Who could've predicted that the tournament will end up like this? By becoming Champions of ESL One New York our team showed everyone that we're the force to be reckoned with, not just a mediocre pro squad. You can see how good we are now in drafting, strategies, coordination and how skilled every player is. They found their heroes, their playstyle. And it's only going to get better and better with time because everyone's working hard to beat all the top teams! Thanks for all your suport during the tournaments, you guys are amazing as always, your support cannot be overestimated. Cheer for RUVega Squadron and we'll show you a lot more victories and achievements!