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Vega Squadron announces League of Legends roster 15.12.2015 Author // Ace

In order to improve and develop as a team we at Vega Squadron are always watching all the esports disciplines, including one of the most famous MOBA-games - League of Legends. So we're glad to announce that in the new League of Legends season there will be a team with our tag, Vega Squadron.


Vega will be participating in CIS tournaments on official matches supported by Riot Games. "Sharks" roster was created on base of the well-known team in Russia called Carpe Diem. This team has been taking part in the biggest tournaments of our region for more than 2 years. Their list of achiements includes 1st place on Star Series Season 1 and finalists status of StarSeries Summer Split 2015.



Vega Squadron CEO Alexey «Vega» Kondakov comment:

- I had thoughts about having League of Legends roster for quite some time. I think that it makes sense atleast because almost everywhere around the world League of Legends is considered the #1 esports discipline. Unfortunately the CIS scene is far behind from European and American one but Riot are doing everything they can to cause some interest in russian-speaking contries and we respect that.

We were lucky to meet Carpe Diem. they're purposeful and hardworking. Moreover, we share the ideas about how the team should grow and develop. So we'll support our new Vega Squadron roster as much as we possibly can and are only aiming for the victory in the following season.


Team captain Roman «Wildheart» Maximchyuk comment:

- I'm happy that we finally found a new home. We're glad to join Vega Squadron and are hoping to help them show an impressive debut on LoL scene. We're hoping to meet the expectations and show everyone our strength.

I can't say that we're the strongest team out there. But for the first time in a while we're recieving support we were looking for. Now everything depends on us, difference in support is not the case anymore. I'd like to thank Vega Squadron organization for believing in us. I hope that our cooperation will work out and we'll show the results that satisfy both sides.


Vega Squadron roster:

Coach:  Alexey «Sharkz» Taranda

Toplane:  Alexandr «NoNholy» Ovchinnikov

Jungle: ​ Nikolay «Zanzarah» Akatov

Midlane: ​ Evgeniy «Drobovik» Belousov

ADC: ​ Igor «Tauren» Titov

Support:  Roman «Wildheart» Maximchyuk

Standin: ​ Artour «Skash» Ermolaev


Support this new roster in our orginization and we'll do everything we can for them to be the best!