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Vega Squadron advances to WellPlay Invitational Grand Finals after beating Cloud9 02.03.2017 Author // sirVatum

First map picks:

Vega: Chaos Knight (Ditya Ra), Invoker (G),Beastmaster (Mag), Earth Spirit(SoNNeikO),Warlock (CeMa)

Cloud9: Ursa (Ace),Broodmother  (Babyknight), Centaur Warrunner  (Hestejoe-Rotten),Rubick (Ryze), Io (Noia)


Signature Broodmother pick made "sharks" seek for answers. Mag went mid, G was farming safelane. The beginning of the game was quite fine, but C9 got their advantage when they gathered together. The map contorl was gone, the artifacts were there and opponent easily took set of midlane barracks. Frequent ganks thanks to Io and Ursa didn't let Vega come back into the game and Cloud9 won the first map.



Second map picks:

Vega: Ursa (Ditya Ra), Invoker (G),Nyx Assassin (Mag), Shadow Demon(SoNNeikO),Leshrac (CeMa)

Cloud9: Juggernaut (Ace), Lone Druid (Babyknight), Abbadon (Hestejoe-Rotten), Doom (Ryze), KoTL (Noia)


Vega decided to play agressive on Hestejoe-Rotten and it was working out. Hardlaner was dying, "squadron" were ahead in gold, but Juggernaut was still left alone. But this time Vega had Shadow Demon that has become signature for the team and it worked out just fine. When C9 gathered to push, they lost 4 heroes together and Vega's advantage soon reached 20k net worth.

Getting up enemy highground against KoTL is always tough, but it doesn't work when 3 lanes are falling at the same time. Vega made their opponent call for GG and it all came down to one last map.



Third map picks:

Vega: Lycan (Ditya Ra), Shadow Fiend (G),Clockwerk (Mag), KoTL(SoNNeikO), Bane (CeMa)

Cloud9: Phantom Assassin (Ace), Templar Assassin (Babyknight), Centaur Warrunner (Hestejoe-Rotten), Rubick (Ryze), Nyx Assassin (Noia)


Despite several earlygame kills by C9, Vega were looking kind of confident. Supports were doing great at controlling enemy cores while Ditya Ra and G were dishing out some terrible-terrible damage. After taking Aegis without a fight, "sharks" went for fast push, increasing their net worth. Soon it reached criticall mass and Vega got up Cloud9's highground and took down 5 barracks. Even though the resistance was there, "squadron" finished the series with confidence. One more comeback in bo3 series and Vega are going straight to the Grand Finals!