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Vega Squadron, 2018 recap. Part 4: October - December 03.01.2019 Author // Ace

Vega Squadron завершает подведение итогов 2018 года для нашей организации. В последней части мы вспомним финал Starladder, DreamLeague 10 и многое другое.




The main event for Vega Squadron in October was CS:GO team's success on StarLadder i-League Season 6. For "sharks" it was the true test if the new roster was truly strong or being in Major top-14 was just an accident. As it turned out, this squad is really capable of fighting for the highest places against really strong opponents. In groupstage Vega beat their main CIS opponents: Gambit and Hellraisers, leaving them no chances whatsoever.

In play-offs "squadron" first dealt with Fragsters and then dealt with NRG (top-10 team according to HLTV). The finals against ENCE were very even, but on the decisive map the Finnish team was a little stronger 2:3. Another important event was signing Team Lithium in Dota 2 and going to DreamLeague Minor right after.


Best game:

In StarLadder semifinals it was hard to tell who's top-10 in HLTV rankings and who's the "dark horse" from top-30. NRG looked very scared and were severely punished for that.



New Vega roster couldn't attend DreamLeague in their full roster because Mage- couldn't get his visa in time. Anas was replaced by Dendi and it wasn't quite working out - they finished last in the groupstage. Going into play-offs, the situation changed. Vega beat The Final Tribe with style and then gave Na'Vi quite a fight. So, "sharks" finishedd in top 5-6. Later this month Vega made a sensation by taking over Ninjas in Pyjamas on Major qualifiers, but then accepted defeat from Liquid and TFT, losing their chances for an invite.

The renewed PUBG roster (VampireGame, KippieTheSlayeR, Sharkyz, Circle5) has also been very close to going to a big LAN tournament. Guys displayed decent gameplay on PUBG Europe League qualifiers, but as it usually happens, the guys just weren't lucky in the last gaming day, so our guys had to skip the tournament.


Best game:

Vega Squadron taking over NiP. Once more. Name a more iconic duo.



As usual, December wasn't really active for our organization. The Dota 2 roster was one step away from going to the second Major of the season, but NiP took their revenge for the last Major. CS:GO roster went to a small LAN in Bucharest where they finished second. On StarLadder qualifiers "sharks" played an incredible match against Vitality, but had to accept defeat nonetheless. Toress took part in Interactive Football Cup of Russia, but couldn't advance to play-offs - for the first time in his career.


Bonus video:

December is a month when Christmas Magic happens. This time we've had a majestic practice match between Vega Squadron CS:GO players. By the way, you can win a DXRacer chair in this video!