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Vega Squadron, 2018 recap. Part 3: July - September 31.12.2018 Author // Ace

Vega Squadron are posting the series that make a conclusion to 2018. Let's recall Dendi in Vega, success on Faceit Major and many other events.




After TI8 qualifiers going all sorts of wrong, Vega roster experienced some changes. Mostly it was done because many players just couldn't compete in the tournaments that Vega took part in. For example, Dendi and Mag had a chance to stand-in for Vega, and even helped Cema, Palantimos and Zayac to advance to BTS Summer Cup Stage one. But that was that. CS:GO roster got inactive in order to practice and find their gameplay, only playing ESEA Advanced.

Vega Squadron League of Legends roster had a decent LCL Open Cup, took the third place, but the main victory of the month came from FIFA 18. Mikhail "Torres" Zaporozhets took the Interactive Football Cup of Russia, and did it with quite some confidence, knocking out all of the opponents.


Best game:

Even though the scores on Cup of Russia finals showed 2:2, Torres looked way stronger. Ufenok77 barely won his matches, while Mikhail displayed confidence winning his. The final point in this confrontation was the total domination over the "Lokomotiv" player in the last match.




While CSGO "sharks" were getting ready for the September Major, Dota roster got changed even more. Yol replaced Cema as the captain and we finally saw the Magical+Blizzy combination that became a sensation of the first half of season 2018/19.

LoL roster performed decent on one of the most even LCL seasons. Six teams at a time were fighting for their spot in play-offs. The difference between place 1 and 6 was 3 and it was the first time in the history of LCL when a team with 8 wins didn't get to top-4. In comparison, in some LCL seasons 6 wins were enough to advance to play-offs.


Best game:

In a match against Team Just "sharks" were losing 3:12 by minute 15 and had a disadvantage of 4k gold, but still turned the tides of the game.



Vega Squadron CS:GO team went to a Major as a team that everyone expected to finish 0:3. For the first half an hour it seemed like those expectations would be met: "sharks" lost the defence on Mirage with 4:11 score, but they didn't just make a come back, they won this map with 16:14 score. Then was a tough victory over BIG in overtime, 2 pitiful defeats and an incredibly confident win in bo3 series against North. On "New Legends" stage "sharks" crushed Cloud9, lost to Astralis and had two really close matches with Fnatic and NIP. However, Vega had to leave the tournament at this point.

Speaking of the new Vega Squadron roster (Palantimos, Stormc4t, Flot, Zayac, yol), guys didn't make it to any closed qualifiers of the new DPC season. Torres reached top-4 of the Russian Fedeation of Cyber Football championships, proving his high class once more.


Best map:

The second map of the bo3 series against North was a proof that Vega is a team that can play from the position of power against literally any opponent.