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Vega Squadron, 2018 recap. Part 2: April - June 27.12.2018 Author // Ace

Vega Squadron continues with 2018 recap. In the second part we'll recall our first DPC points for the Dota squad, our results on PGI CIS, LCL Open Cup and many others.




This month was the peak for our Dota 2 roster. Surprisingly, our guys got invited to Starladder after finishing second on the qualifiers. However, "sharks" replcaed NewBee. Without any preparation or bootcamp Vega dealt with SG and Fnatic with confidence and became the third CIS team to receive DPC points in season 2017/18. Our CS:GO roster took the first "rookie" - Ihor «crush» Shevchenko and tried playing with a coach as a captain and coordinator, but this idea didn't work out that well.

League of Legends roster gave a good fight in the spring split, but still didn't make it to play-offs, while our PUBG roster experienced it's first changed. ENINIOEL and FiftyFourth were replaced with Kemba7 and KippieTheSlayer that let "sharks" win the MID.TV tournament against some strong opponents.


Best game

Тhe confidence that Vega displayed while dealing with top-10 DPC teams was really insiprational. Even though the second game in bo3 series against Fnatic was quite lengthy, "sharks" didn't lose grip of the game for a moment.



In May our Dota squad didn't look that good. Since our Kyrgyzstan players couldn't get the Chinese visas Vega had to withdraw from Thailand Major and focused on MDL Major. However, they appeared in the "death group" with Vici, VG.J Storm. TNC, PSG and NewBee, and finished last in it. Our CS:GO roster finally got the fifth player, being Anton «kibaken» Kolesnikov that changed nickname to tonyblack.

The PUBG team had to play PGI CIS qualifiers without KippieTheSlayeR due to age limitations, but still looked quite confident in the online-qualifiers with ThePsix as the stand-in. By the way, in the original roster our team won another online-cup as well: XPULZ CIS Master.


Best game

On the last map of XPULZ CIS Master Vega demonstrated their power and scored a well-deserved victory.



This month was all about The International 8 qualifiers. Inbefore those Vega faced serious trouble as the electricty was shut down on bootcamp. So our players had to practice from Cyberspace - it was comfortable, but unusual. This could be one of the reasons why our guys failed on the qualifiers.

In CS:GO "sharks" showed their teeth after winning M.Game League #2 qualifiers by dealing with ForZe. Guys didn't go to the LAN, however, due to bad schedule. The third place on PGI CIS could be considered a good result for our PUBG squad, especially with a stand-in. The new "sharks" League of Legends roster began it's way on LCL Open Cup with 5 victories in a row - Team Just Ice, The Largest Salary, ROX, EPG and Team Just were beaten one by one.


Best game

In a fight for the first place in Group A on LCL Open Cup Vega didn't let Team Just take a single tower. The second map was even more beautiful - Optimas decided to pick Annie for the ADC role.