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Vega Squadron, 2018 recap. Part 1: January - March 25.12.2018 Author // Ace

Vega Squadron begins a series of materials that will be summing up the results of 2018 for all it's rosters. Let's recall the brightest moments together with the worst defeats.



For both Dota 2 and CS:GO rosters the first month of the year was really different in both results and the idea. We collected the new squad with 4 young players and an experienced CemaTheSlayeR under Kips command, while CS guys went to their last Major in the "classic" lineup.

The original Dota 2 roster was supposed to consist of Palantimos, Nix, Blizzy, Zayac and CemaTheSlayeR, but Nix decided not to take part in it one day before the official games, so Undershock had to replace him. Surprisingly, the squad displayed decent results and started fighting Effect on different DPC tournament qualifiers. Moreover, on 15th of January our team celebrated their well-deserved spot on Bucharest Major.

What goes to the CS:GO Major, Vega looked incredible. On the "new contenders" stage "sharks" looked like ths strongest team on par with Cloud9, FaZe Clan and G2. By the way, Vega lost to the latter in the overtime, but still made it to the next stage with a 3:1 score. In "new legends" Vega dealt with North, but then the chemistry disappeared. We only achieved one victory over Liquid with their coach standing in. Three horrible defeats left "sharks" behind play-offs.


Best game:

Bo1-match against FaZe Clan is already in history together with a match against NiP that happened a year before. The signature "5 banana with Mac-10" is a well-known legacy and Vega showed once again that the bigger they are, the harder they fall.




Dota 2 team didn't make it to DAC qualifiers or Epicenter XL, but they still made progress and prepared for their first LAN tournament. What goes to the CS:GO team, they've been to The Summit, but didn't achieve anything serious there.

The new PUBG "sharks"  (FiftyFourth, Eninoel, Maxiz0r and VampireGame) were taking part in fierce battles in online. Guys performed well against top european teams and were already about to go to their first LAN tournament being the first big PUBG LAN in the history: Starladder.

What goes to our League of Legends roster (NoNholy, Punisher, Paranoia, Optimas, Skash), they started playing their games in LCL Spring Split. The beginning of the season was tough, but guys still managed to find their game and earn some victories.


Best game:

Vega's match against Vaevicis in LCL Spring Split 2018 Week 3 was as long and even as one League of Legends match may ever be. Teams were exchanging Barons, the advantage was switching sides and the ending was completely unexpected.




The first LAN tournament for our Dota 2 squad was messy. It was mainly due Palantimos' sickness. Despite that and three defeats, "sharks" still looked decent and prove that this roster has some future. The future was decent, indeed. On Epicenter Madness Qualifiers "sharks" beat EG and earned an invite to MDL. They also made it to StarLadder qualifier finals, but accepted defeat from FlyToMoon.

The results of our CS:GO roster on StarLadder & ImbaTV Invitational Congqing 2018 was the end of the "classic" lineup: mir and keshandr were "benched". PUBG and League of Legends guys looked weird. Even though our LoL squad was fighting for play-offs and had chances for it, they still lost while the PUBG team only made it to the middle of Starladder brackets and had to change the roster.


Best game:

The key moment on MDL Changsha qualifiers was the semifinal match against FlyToMoon. In the decisive match Vega managed to defent their ancient with 18k disadvantage and win the series.