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Vega Squadron 2016: Part three 09.01.2017 Author // Ace

After a New Year break we're back to business with the series of articles about our organization in 2016. January - March. April - June.




Even though season was technically over, Vega Squadron still took part in Global Grand Masters with $50,000 prize pool. No[o]ne wasn't in some matches and did his best to take care of his health. However, community said that it was all about his preparations to join Virtus.Pro. "Sharks" had a great match with 633 as stand-in, then crashed Alliance together as 5 and then lost with no chances to Empire in Grand Finals. This defeat was the point of no return for our roster, as we later found out.

League of Legends roster did much better. After finishing the first week of the regular season on LCL right after ANOX, "sharks" prove their place later on. Vega only lost one map out of last 6 and it wasn't really a Na'Vi's victory, more like "squadron" threw this game. So, they ended up second and were to play the semifinal match against Natus Vincere again, this time as a favorite.


Match of the month

Without No[o]ne and with Iceberg as stand-in Vega had to play against Alliance on Global Grand Masters. In the lower bracket matches "sharks" played against Escape with 633 and it didn't look quite nice. It seemed that Vega will lose in 2 maps, but one incredible ultimate by CeMa-God won the game, and the series.




In August everyone were expecting replacements in the roster. No[o]ne and Solo were taken by Virtus.Pro and it was just a matter of time when they lave. Fng and Iceberg were invited to join "sharks". On WCA-2016 Vega looked strong and only lost series that Fn wasn't able to attent.

The main events for the organization belonged to another game: "sharks" were in LCL finals and showed 2 incredible series. In semifinals Vega were leading 2:0 against Na'Vi, lost 2 maps afterwards and managed to pull out a victory in the last one. Then "sharks" were 2:0 ahead of ANOX but this time lost 3 matches in a row together with a CIS champions title.


Match of the month

One of the emotional matches in CIS League of Legends history was the last one between Vega and Natus Vincere. After winning 2 maps and then losing 2, Vega could have lost their courage, but "sharks" were fighting till the end, Zanzarah went berserk and NoNholy blew up the arena with his incredible gameplay.




Dota 2 season was really slow. Vega only had 2 interviews and a surprising defeat by Elements in BTS Series play-offs after "sharks" beat everyone in their group. It should have been the alarming sign for everyone.

What goes to League of Legends, everyone were watching World Championships. However, ANOX success there helped Vega as well, but let's not rush, it's an October story.


Match of the month

Vega Squadron beat Team Liquid in a beautiful semifinals match on BTS Series. This was the first (and probably the last) time cores, Iceberg and Fn, played as a unit and looked amazing.