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Vega snatch a victory from Empire on Royal Arena 02.01.2017 Author // Ace

In the first match of 2017 Vega Squadron faced Empire on Royal Arena. Both teams had stand-ins. Mag was replaced by Afterlife for this match and ALWAYWANNAFLY was taking Miposhka's place for today on Empire's side.

First map picks:
Vega: Antimage (Ditya Ra), Juggernaut (G), Batrider (Afterlife), Earth Spirit (SoNNeikO), Silencer (CeMaTheSlayeR)
Empire: Weaver (fn), Alchemist (Chappie), Nyx (Ghostik), Ogre Magi (ALWAYSWANNAFLY), Oracle (KingR)

On the first map Vega went for an unusual pick with Antimage and Juggernaut. The first was a reply to Alchemist and Ditya Ra was keeping up with the farm for quite a while. "Sharks" were playing pretty agressive and active, but no synergy between supports and an offlaner played a bad trick on their moves and "squadron" ganks weren't sometimes effective.

Game turned in Empire's favor when Ditya Ra got caught split-pushing. After that our opponent took Roshan and didn't let their game go.



Second map picks:
Vega: Luna (Ditya Ra), Ember Spirit (G), Uderlord (Afterlife), Riki (SoNNeikO), Dazzle (CeMaTheSlayeR)
Empire: Lifestealer (fn), Alchemist (Chappie), Slardar (Ghostik), Pudge (ALWAYSWANNAFLY), Witch Doctor (KingR)

On the second map Vega picked stable heroes and looked good in earlygame. G was a bit behind in farm, but Ditya Ra did fine CSing creeps for the two of them. After getting some advantage, "sharks" used one simple scheme: initiate fights, take objectives and leave using Underlord's ultimate that opponent had nothing to do with.

Empire lost 3 lanes because of that hero and had to accept defeat.


Third map picks:
Vega: Lifestealer (Ditya Ra), Shadow Fiend (G), Uderlord (Afterlife), Bounty Hunter (SoNNeikO), Dazzle (CeMaTheSlayeR)
Empire: Storm Spirit (fn), Weaver (Chappie), Batrider (Ghostik), Slardar (ALWAYSWANNAFLY), Disruptor (KingR)

On the last map Vega won the early phase with confidence, but eventually the lack of CC against 2 mobile heroes became a problem.

But this mobility doesn't take games or even objectives unlike Lifestealer and Shadow Fiend damage. Empire experienced it themselves and lost the series.