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Vega scores the first victory on PGL Major Qualifiers 30.06.2017 Author // Ace

On the 2nd day of PGL Major Qualifiers Vega were playing against OpTic. The opponent came to the tournament as one of the dark horses but the day before they've already lost to the powerful PENTA Sports in a tough fight.

Despite the fact that Train is OpTic's strong map Vega didn't ban it. "Sharks" took their first round as defense, took the usual 3:0 lead, but then OpTic began their attack. Every round was really tough for "sharks", one round was taken with one M4 on eco. So, Vega lost as strong side with a 6:9 score and it seemed like it's all over.

At this point Vega took one more pistol round, won the first device ones and kept on putting a lot of pressure. "Sharks" were giving away entry kills, but incredible reflexes by jR on "green" and the inspiring gameplay by all the shooters let Vega take one round after another without facing any resistance from the enemy side.

So, if yesterday "sharks" looked weak in attack, their T side on Train today was incredible. 16:10, 1:1 on this tournament and Vega are not done yet.