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Vega scores 2 draws on Royal Battle Arena 29.12.2016 Author // Ace

The first matches with the new roster Vega Squadron played against Danish Bears and Rebels on Battle Arena groupstage.


Vega Squadron – Danish Bears


First map picks:
Vega: Lifestealer (Ditya Ra), Sniper (G), Sand King (Mag), Earth Spirit (SoNNeikO), Rubick (CeMa)
DB: Ursa (Ace), Shadow Fiend (Babyknight), Dark Seer (Hestejoe-Rotten), Clockwerk (Noia), Bane (Ryze)

On the first map "bears" went for a soul-stacking strategy with Shadow Fiend and support Clockwerk, but it was the only useful thing he did for the whole game. Even though SF had 80+ damage, he still had a lot of trouble on midlane and died several times thanks to Sonneiko and Sniper's shrapnel.

Vega were just chasing the opponent around the map. Mag made a couple mechanical mistakes during his ultimates, but it didn't really hurt "sharks".


Second map picks:
Vega: Luna (Ditya Ra), Sand King (G), Broodmother (Mag), Rubick (Sonneiko), Undying (CeMa)
DB: Drow Ranger (Ace), Sniper (Babyknight), Puck (Hestejoe-Rotten), Ogre Magi (Noia), Visage (Ryze

On the second map "sharks" decided to be active again. It seemed like Vega would be the winners here as well. The advantage was growing, but they still had a risk of losing as they only had 1 carry hero and lategame was close.

Unfortunately, this is what happened. After taking one lane, Vega died while taking the second one, gave away the most of the advantage and lategame heroes on "bears" side did their thing.


Vega Squadron – Rebels


First map picks:
Vega: Lifestealer (Ditya Ra), Shadow Fiend (G), Sand King (Mag), Riki (SoNNeikO), Rubick (CeMa)
DB: Luna (Sedoy), Legion Commander (Afoninje), Timbersaw (Shachlo), Pudge (Rodger), Dazzle (ArsZeqq

Af first it seemed that Vega did not recover after such a come back. "Sharks" didn't look confident at all, but eventually managed to find their playstyle. Ditya Ra and SoNNeikO were making things happen all around the map and the opponents didn't find opportunities for an answer.

Legion Commander won a couple duels, but then ended up in the middle of the net worth chart. There were hopes on the Timbersaw, but at some point in the game he started dying from Riki-Lifestealer combo. Vega took the game with confidence.


Second map picks:
Vega: Lifestealer (Ditya Ra), Shadow Fiend (G), Nyx (Mag), Earth Spirit (SoNNeikO), Disruptor (CeMa)
DB: Luna (Sedoy), Silencer (Afoninje), Batrider (Shachlo), Naga Siren (Rodger), Bane (ArsZeqq)

On the second map Vega faced a teamfight oriented draft and got Rubick banned as he was getting firstpicked for "sharks" in the previous games. At first Vega gave away a couple kills and Silencer had 12 stolen intellect on minute 8, but even with all that Rebels were not moving into lategame with huge advantage.

After getting the right items, Vega started moving around the map and only took fights that looked good for them. Rebels didn't have any chances to use their ultimates well, but "sharks" started making mistakes in lategame again and lost even more and more fights. So, series end with a draw again.