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Vega qualified for PGL Major Krakow 02.07.2017 Author // Ace

In the first match of the day Vega faced PENTA Sports that have been playing on the same level as 3:0 G2 and Mouseports teams. From the other side, Vega's performance on Train brought our fans hope for a morning victory.

The match was nervous. After winning the pistol round, Vega lost the force-buy and then teams started exchanging rounds with incomplete buys. The key moment was when Vega lost a couple ronds in a row starting at 4:5 score and broke their economy as defense.

"Sharks" failed the pistol round as T as well and the scores soon were 15:4. Vega tried to make something happen but only took 8 rounds on this map.

In the decisive match Vega Squadron were to play against Dignitas. Players out there have already been on Majors, but that experience wasn't enough to breach "sharks" defense on Inferno. Inspiring gameplay by mir and fans support let Vega finish the first half with 13:2 score. "Squadron" took another pistol round as well together with the next round, but Dignitas started winning when the scores were 15:2.

Fortunately, they have only won 3 rounds and then Vega won the game together with an invite to the Major to Krakow.