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Vega punishes Just Alpha for mistakes 18.02.2017 Author // Ace

In the first match of the LCL Week 4 Vega Squadron faced Team Just Alpha that really impressed everyone after their first games.


Vega: Shen (NoNholy), Kha'Zix (Zanzarah), Ryze (Drobovik123), Jhin (LeX), Malzahar (Edward)
Just: Maokai (BOSS), Sejuani (SadJesteRRR), Orianna (Marker), Varus (pooh), Karma (Jestkui Max)

After being defeated by Vaevictis Vega Squadron got their mind settled down and stopped experimenting with drafts and carry-toplaners without banning champions like Camille. "Sharks" went for stable draft with their opponent going for Sejuani setup.

And as it usually happens, it didn't pay off. Kha'Zix was useful on midlane twice, Drobovik123 got ahead in gold compared to Marker and then used his advantage on botlane. "Sharks" were 4k gold ahead. Just, however, still defended and by minute 10-12 their advantage grew for only 1 thousand.

The outcome of the game was decided when Just players got ganked and let Vega take free Baron. With such objective Vega Squadron traditionally finished the game without leaving their opponent any chance for comeback.