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Vega presents BUHLO-UroPb as new Dota 2 squad! 11.02.2015 Author // wndgrdnz

We are giving more and more space to MOBA titles, such as Dota 2, which is insanely popular in Russia and CIS countries. Sadly, we decided to part ways with our old Dota 2 squad, who had amazing run in russian tournaments such as CIS Go4Dota2, Dota2.net Cup and GSL QIWI series. Their new team is Russian FederationTeam Synergy and from today they will be representing them in StarLadder and Synergy League. Good luck guys and thank you for everything!

We are extremely happy to present you our new Dota 2 squad, known as Russian FederationUroPb aka Russian FederationBUHLO. We are very happy that we can introduce them as our new Dota 2 team.

Russian FederationVega.Dota2

Russian FederationUsov "ArsZeeqq" Arsenij - Team Captain
UkraineKrivulya "CemaTheSlayeR" Semion
UkraineMinenko "No[o]ne" Vladimir
Russian FederationHvastunov "9pashaebashu" Pavel
Russian FederationDrugov "Stalianer" Iliya

Extremely good team for who we hope that with our support it can develop even further and become one of best EU or CIS teams. They will represent us Star Ladder Star Series Season 11 in Star division and they will have a chance to fight for 80.000 $ prize pool in Grand Finals. Currently they are holding 7th place with 1-2 score. They got into Star League by beating Russian FederationMoscow5, European UnionmYi and SwedenASHOCKEU. Together with Star Series Season 11, Battle of Central Europe Season 3is another big major league where we are participating, currently waiting for opponent in Round 3 of winners bracket after we beat BelarusPowerRangers with 2-1.

CroatiaVanja "HighArT" Šimunec - General Manager of Vega Squadron:

"We are extremely happy that we can have such good and talented team under our wings, especially in title such as Dota 2. We have big plans for future for Dota 2, and we hope our new team will be part of that. Hope with our support they can become even stronger and better team as whole, and we expect big things for them in Star Series Season 11 and Battle of Central Europe Season 3. Welcome guys!"

Russian FederationUsov "ArsZeeqq" Arsenij - Team Captain

"We are so happy that so big and popular team in Russia such as Vega Squadron showed interest in us. We couldn't refuse their offer, which was on mutual agreement, as we think our cooperation would bring us even more results and more team spirit and great games. Thanks to Vega and all of sponsors that are supporting us! Cheer for us please in Star Series!"