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Vega outsplitpushed M19 11.02.2017 Author // Ace

In the 5th round of LCL Spring Split regular season Vega Squadron faced M19.


Vega: Fiora (NoNholy), Kha'Zix (Zanzarah), Orianna (Drobovik123), Miss Fortune (LeX), Zyra (Edward)
M19: Poppy (Smurf), Graves (PvPStejos), Ryze (Kira), Varus (Vincent), Malzahar (Likkrit)

Vega went for comfortable champions and we've seen Fiora for NoNholy and Miss Fortune for Lex.

The beginning of the game was all around bottom lane. Even though Graves helped his botlane spill First Blood on Edward, "sharks" still outfarmed the opponent everywhere else. Next kills by M19 were pure exchanges. Moreover, first gank by Zanzarah resulted in 2 kills with no response, then Kira died and "sharks" got themselves their first tower and 3k gold lead. But it didn't last for long - "squadron" mistakes costed them them a lot and eventually the game got back even.

Then teams exchanged plays: first Vega took Vincent with no Flash and then 2 towers, but M19 took Baron thanks to Ryze ultimate. Next "sharks" move - Kira and Likkrit die and the tower goes to Vega.

The pace of the game slowed down, but not for long. M19 tried to kill Edward and Zanzarah, but only got the support for the cost of several heroes and an inhibitor. After that Vega went for Baron and the opponent didn't have an answer to that and Fiora. So, this way Vega are sending PvPStejos and his team to the negative winrate zone for the first time in the history of LCL.