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Vega outplayed ROX and are now in tie breakers of play-offs 30.07.2017 Author // sirVatum

In the last game of regular season Vega faced ROX, this match would decide who will be in tie-breakers for play-off stage of LCL.


Vega - ROX

Vega: Gnar (NoNholy), Cho’Gath (Zanzarah), Orianna (Nomanz), Kalista (Optimas), Thresh (dELORD)
ROX: Jarvan (Bwipo), Maokai (DimaJke), Viktor (Ripi), Tristana (Kinzu), blitzcrank (Saviour)

Vega went for comfortable picks with an idea of safe gameplay on lanes. ROX realized that and picked Blitzcrank and started roaming around. First blood, however, was given to "squadron" that caught enemy jungler on their mistake, but lanes still looked better for ROX even after that. First tower and harold fell in ROX favor, but Vega were controlling the dragons and kept the agression under control.

Closer to the midgame "sharks" started winning one fight after another, taking the initiative. After a couple great initiations Vega killed Nashor and took 2 lanes. "Squadron" then regrouped and finished the game with confidence.
After winning this game Vega earned themselves a place in tie-breakers to play-offs.