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Vega is out of The Summit 7 qualifiers 11.05.2017 Author // Ace

In the decisive match of The Summit 7 in Group B Vega Squadron faced Na'Vi. In groupstage semifinals Vega destroyed the opponent 2:0 but black-n-yellow made their conclusions since then.


First map picks:
Vega: Lifestealer (Alohadance), Templar Assassin (G), Dark Seer (Afterlife), Tusk (CeMa), Warlock (Silent)
Na’Vi: Juggernaut (Pajkatt), Storm Spirit (Dendi), Clockwerk (General), Treant Protector (SoNNeiKo), KotL (Biver)

On the first map teams showed drafts with different things in mind. Vega Squadron went for active teamfights and active Templar Assassin with Lifestealer. Na'Vi concentrated of mobility and split-push.

Vega won lanes but any push was countered by Treant Protector and at some point Vega stopped being able to deal with Juggernaut and Storm Spirit in teamfights. Lack of CC did matter and "sharks" accepted defeat on the first map.


Second map picks:
Vega: Slark (Alohadance), Dragon Knight (G), Dark Seer (Afterlife), Spirit Breaker (CeMa), Disruptor (Silent)
Na’Vi: Juggernaut (Pajkatt), Timbersaw (Dendi), Nyx (General), Treant Protector (SoNNeiKo), Warlock (Biver)

It looked like draft would have been going the same way. "Sharks" wanted to put pressure and fight a lot, Na'Vi - lategame pick and mobility. But the outcome was whole lot different. Slark bought Hand of Midas and his teammates started making space with all the remaining heroes.

In the end Aloha got himself all the slots, and this time his opponents weren't farming that quickly. DK and Slark turned out being stronger in lategame and Vega made the scores back even.


Third map picks:
Vega: Weaver (Alohadance), Lina (G), Legion Commander (Afterlife), Tusk (CeMa), Warlock (Silent)
Na’Vi: Juggernaut (Pajkatt), Storm Spirit (Dendi), Batrider (General), Monkey King (SoNNeiKo), Phoenix (Biver)

Drafts looked a whole lot different this time. Laning phase was even, none of the teams have taken more than 1k gold lead. Midgame fights finished in "sharks" favor, but Na'Vi came ahead very quickly. Moreover, Lina looked lost on this map, so LC had to catch up.

However, Legion Commander wasn't able to compensate for almost complete absence of Vega's midlaner and there was nothing to kill Dendi with. As soon as Orchid Malevolence Afterlife was "turned off" the game. Vega were doomed from this point on. 2:1 and Vega are out of The Summit 7 qualifiers.