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Vega officially parting ways with SoNNeikO 20.04.2017 Author // Ace

Today Akbar «SoNNeikO» Butaev is leaving our Dota 2 roster. Akbar will continue his career in the other team and our organization thanks him for his time under our tag. 

As a reminder, SoNNeikO joined Vega Squadron in November last year. Team took part in WCA-2016 LAN finals together with Akbar and also played a couple online-tournaments and qualifiers. The best SoNNeikO's result in Vega Squadron was a victory on Royal Arena #2 taken this year, in January.


Vega eSports director, Georgy Faleev:

- Right after the Kiev Major qualifiers Akbar took a couple week break and didn't take part in arranging the current roster and took the substitute player spot. Later it got clear that this roster will not be changed at the moment and a high-level player like SoNNeikO shouldn't be «sitting on the bench». So, he already found himself a new team and the official transfer will be announced very soon.

I'd like to thank Akbar for all the months he spent with Vega Squadron, for the hard work he has done in the team and wish him good luck with his new team!