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Vega making history: the Champion falls! 20.03.2017 Author // Ace

In LCL first place tie-breakers Vega Squadron faced M19.


Vega: Nautilus (NoNholy), Kha’Zix (Zanzarah), Vladimir (Drobovik123), Kalista (LeX), Thresh (EDward)
M19: Poppy (Smurf), Rengar (PvPStejos), Orianna (Kira), Jhin (Vincent), Bard (Likkrit)

Vega went for agressive playstyle, took first blood on Kira thanks to Zanzarah. However, earlygame has still been working for M19. They camped botlane and let Vincent take a headstart. He, however, wasn't able to make use of his great shape - Vega's composition didn't let him do whatever he wants.

After a bad start Vega decided to go for teamfights that either ended with exchanges or confident victories. In one of those Drobovik123 almost solo-killed the enemy team, "sharks" scored a teamwipe and took the Baron.

Unfortunately "sharks" didn't make good use of it. They made a couple mistakes, gave away many kills and didn't do much. However, second Baron was decisive. Vega snowballed into the enemy base, killed everyone and took 1st place in the Regular Season standings.