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Vega lost to Vaevictis in LCL semifinals 01.04.2017 Author // Ace

In Spring Splir semifinals of LCL Vega Squadron faced Vaevictis eSports.


First map picks:

Vega: Camille (NoNholy), Elise (Zanzarah), Syndra (Drobovik123), Ezreal (LeX), Tahm Kench (EDward)
Vaevictis: Kled (Dark Solece), Kha’Zix (DoubleAim), Vladimir (Lukezy), Ashe (Unho1y), Nami (Dimonko)

On map one Vaevictis surprised "sharks" with their picks, but Vega still had decent lanes. Bot was outfarming the opponent and Drobovik123 took first blood on enemy jungler. Kamille was leading in farm, but one fight decided everything.

Vega wanted to sacrifice EDward for fear-dragon, but "squadron" support died to fast and Vaevictis killed 3 more Vega heroes. After getting 4k gold advantage Vaevictis kept the game under control, but "sharks" still tried to reply with agression and were punished over and over again. So, Vega lost the map quite quickly.


Second map picks:

Vega: Camille (NoNholy), Kha’Zix (Zanzarah), Orianna (Drobovik123), Varus (LeX), Brand (EDward)
Vaevictis: Fiora (Dark Solece), Rek’Sai (DoubleAim), Cassiopeia (Lukezy), Ashe (Unho1y), Nautilus (Dimonko)

Second map draft finished in Vaevictis favor that picked flexible Nautilus and counterpicked Kamille with Fiora. Vega looked lost from the very beginning. Zanzarah was behind more than others, so eventually mid and top started falling behind as well.

In midgame Vega stopped the game for a bit, but one bad fight let Vaevictis take first Nashor. After that split-pushing was impossible to stop.


Third map picks:

Vega: Renekton (NoNholy), Rengar (Zanzarah), Ahri (Drobovik123), Ashe (LeX), Malzahar (EDward)
Vaevictis: Camille (Dark Solece), Kha’Zix (DoubleAim), Orianna (Lukezy), Caitlyn (Unho1y), Zilean (Dimonko)

Third map picks looked weird. Support Zelean and many Drobovik123 bans made him play Ahri, but Eugene showed that he knows that hero pretty well after taking 2 kills on Lukezy. Despite a bad start, Vaevictis didn't give up and were going for even exchanges at time. The outcome of this map was decided after one fight around the Dragon. Zanzarah took 2 opponent's carries solo and then "sharks" took Nahor. This game ended up going to "squadron".


Fourth map picks:

Vega: Gragas (NoNholy), Graves (Zanzarah), Orianna (Drobovik123), Caitlyn (LeX), Tahm Kench (EDward)
Vaevictis: Kled (Dark Solece), Rengar (DoubleAim), Cassiopeia (Lukezy), Jhin (Unho1y), Karma (Dimonko)

Fourth game was the addition to the first and second games. Drobovik123 lost mid and jungler wasn't able to help. Vega lost all the fights, lost tier-3 tower on minute 16 and the series together with it.