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Vega lost their first chance to get to Minor 17.05.2017 Author // Ace

Spartak picked Train, it was going first. Vega won the knife round, took the defending side. After winning the pistol round they took the 8:0 lead. Finally, opponent woke up and took 5 rounds as attack. Vega lost the next pistol round, but won the force-buy and went ahead. "Sharks" lost a couple rounds before the game lost, but eventually they took what's theirs - 16:9.

Vega had a bad start on next map. They lost the pistol round as CT and won the force, but then gave away the device round. "Squadron" took a couple rounds, but still the first half ended 6-9. "Sharks" took the pistol round as attack but then lost to eco. Close rounds came shortly after and Spartak were a little stronger - 11-15. "Squadron" won 3 opponent's matchpoints but couldn't reach the overtime. 14-16.

On Inferno Vega were losing 5:2 but still took the first half with a 8:7 score. "Squadron" attack was fierce and they took the 13-7 lead. It looked like "sharks" will make it, but for some reason they stopped at the very end. Players were not in positions and important rounds were given to the opponent. They lost 9 in a row and lost their first chance to play on Minor LAN finals.