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Vega lost to Na'Vi in Epicenter lower brackets 13.05.2017 Author // Ace

In Epicenter EU quali lower bracket finals Vega Squadron faced Na'Vi.


First map picks:
Vega: Antimage (Alohadance), Silencer (G), Dark Seer (Afterlife), Spirit Breaker (CeMa), Shadow Shaman (Silent)
Na’Vi: Juggernaut (Pajkatt), Alchemist (Dendi) Enigma (General), Treant Protector (SoNNeiKo), Crystal Maiden (Biver)

On the first map Vega picked Antimage again and were playing it right for a while. Aloha took Midas and has been outfarming Alchemist for the entire game, but his team made a couple mistakes in midgame and they lost melee barracks on midlane. It wasn't a disaster, so the game went on. Then Na'Vi took Aegis and tried to siege enemy base. As result, Aegis was lost together with a couple heroes with no exchange. Antimage reached his peak.

The game was decided in one moment. In one of the fights Afterlife vacuumed opponents into the well and "sharks" came too close and have been caught in Black Hole. The game was over at this point.


Second map picks:
Vega: Weaver (Alohadance), Storm Spirit (G), Axe (Afterlife), Treant Protector (CeMa), Disruptor (Silent)
Na’Vi: Juggernaut (Pajkatt), Magnus (Dendi) Batrider (General), Ogre Magi (SoNNeiKo), Phoenix (Biver)

Next map Na'Vi got Magnus for Dendi to support Troll Warlord together with Ogre Magi. Vega had weak lanes, but came back into the game thanks to single pick-offs.

As it usually happens this patch "sharks" got the decisive advantage on Roshan. Black-n-yellow had nothing to do with Weaver, Pajkatt wasted his buyback and "squadron" still got Aegis. From this point on Vega's advantage grew and grew to reach it's critical mass. Na'Vi accepted defeat on this map.


Third map picks:
Vega: Bristleback (Alohadance), Troll Warlord (G), Axe (Afterlife), Treant Protector (CeMa), Shadow Shaman (Silent)
Na’Vi: Juggernaut (Pajkatt), Timbersaw (Dendi) Magnus (General), Ogre Magi (SoNNeiKo), Disruptor (Biver)

On map three Vega went for unusual draft with Bristleback that semeed like it would have worked out. However, G was far behind in farm and Afterlife delayed his Blink Dagger for quite a while due to a couple deaths. Vega lost the power of their pick in midgame.

By minute 20 black-n-yellow were ahead. Vega did their best to come back from this situation and used every opportunity to gank and farm, but 2 bad fights ruined the game for them.

2:1 - Vega is out of the competition on Epicenter.