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Vega lost to Mousesports in a fight for Galaxy Battles invite 02.06.2017 Author // Ace

In tie-breakers between Vega Squadron and Mousesports the destiny of the only invite to Galaxy Battles was decided.


Vega: Sven (Alohadance), Lina (G), Clockwerk (Afterlife), Bane (CeMa), Crystal Maiden (Afterlife)
Mousesports: Razor (Madara), QoP (Thug), Nature’s Prophet (Skylark), Bounty Hunter (Maybe Next Time), Rubick (SSaSpartan)

Mousesports used the strategy that ProDotA used in the match against "sharks" - maximum lane pressure and Deathball in TI4 style. Nature's Prophet in the pick again, but this time Sven is against him that has cleave to deal with treants and is not so scared about physical damage.

Despite that fact Greeks took advantage at start thanks to MNT movements, he also managed to kill a courier as well. It wasn't that bad until "squadron" lost all tier-1 towers and Lina together with it. On minute 15 "squadron" were losing 5k gold.

But soon "sharks" somehow got ahead mostly thanks to Sven that was popping enemies here and there. But when he got caught, it was worth "squadron" a tier-3 towers and all the advantage they've gotten.

"Sharks" problem was the necessity of perfect positioning with no mobility on heroes with chaos playing on "mouse" hands. This is why Greeks were winning in teamfights and took Roshan after one of it. One Aegis decided the outcome of the game. With enough CC Mousesports finished the game in their favor very quckly.