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Vega lost to FlipSid3 again 02.04.2017 Author // Ace

In the first DH Tours round Vega Squadron faced FlipSid3 Tactics. Last Thursday teams already met each other on Binary Dragons Cup, first map (Overpass) was taken by "sharks", then F3 were stronger. This time Overpass was banned, Vega went for Cache, F3 picked Nuke and Train was the decider.

But it never came down to decier as Vega didn't look right that day. "Sharks" began as attack on Cache that is considered weaker. And they started good. Vega were leading in scores, but at some point they stopped outshooting the opponent. Even though defense was lost with 9:6 score, there was hope for attack side that used to work out better for "sharks". But it wasn't the case. They only took 1 round and F3 scored the first map.

On Nuke Vega didn't last as long. "Sharks" took pistol round as attack but then lost to force-buy. Later on "squadron" only took 3 rounds as attack and zero in defense and scored themselve another victory in qualifiers to different tournaments.