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Vega loses to Team Just Alpha in another LCL match 02.07.2017 Author // Ace

In the final round of LCL Week 2 Vega Squadron faced Team Just Alpha.


Vega: Kennen (NoNholy), Kha’Zix (Zanzarah), Galio (Drobovik123), Varus (Optimas), Lulu (delord)
Just Alpha: Fiora (BOSS), Rammus (SadJesteRRR), Anivia (Marker), Caitlyn (Pooh), Zilean (Jestkui Max)

This week Vega Squadron made a bet on toplane. NoNholy baited Fiora's blink and then Zanzarah ganked the defenseless opponent. Opponent, however, replied with a botlane gank that ended in a Lulu death.

And the problems appeared from where they haven't been expected. A great fight in enemy jungle ended in a catastrophy and a quadro-kill for Fiora. In fact it was the moment the game was lost. Then NoNholy died once more and "sharks" had nothing to stop the snowballing opponent's toplaner.

Of course Vega didn't give up and were fighting till the very end, but every gank they made was countered by Anivia. Fiora was given everything she wanted. So, Vega are very close to being out of play-offs of the split with their 2:4 score.