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Vega loses to HellRaisers in the first PGL Major qualifier match 29.06.2017 Author // Ace

In the debut match of PGL Major LAN qualifiers Vega Squadron faced the main favorite,, HellRaisers. Moreover, this match was important after KIrill "ANGE1" Karasev's statemtnt that CIS Minor teams level is overrated.

Pistol round was lost after squishy 1v1 situation together with the traditional +2. In one of those rounds. however, was damaged, so Vega took the lead. In one of the rounds "sharks" were stronger only because mir managed to defuse the bomb on it's last seconds. As result, "sharks" went ahead 10:5 on a strong side.

Unfortunately the next pistol round was failed completely - opponent only lost 1 shooter. In the next 4 rounds "sharks" had chances to win, but their own mistakes made them lose over and over again. The first decent buy ended in HR's favor as well and the scores were 11:10 in HellRaisers' favor.

Vega were not able to come back into this. Despite great defense by "sharks", HR's one was stronger and Vega failed to start the tournament with a victory.