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Vega loses to Fnatic Academy 24.02.2017 Author // Ace

In the second match of EU Starladder i-League Season 3 qualifier groupstage Vega Squadron faced Fnatic Academy.


On Vega's pick everything was under complete Swedish team control. They went ahead thanks to the pistol round they won and only by the end of the half "sharks" were able to catch up and win as defence - 8:7. Pistol round of second half was given away by "squadron" again, but the economy got fixed pretty quickly.

The end of the game was quite even and ended in overtime. "Sharks" didn't make it there and lost 16:19.


On Cache it was a complete disaster. After taking the pistol round, Fnatic Academy went ahead 8:0 and Vega only took 2 rounds in the first half.

Vega, however, took the pistol round as T side with a bit of luck, but in the next one lost 4v2 against pistols. At this point the game was impossible to win - 16:4.