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Vega loses to EG in Starladder i-League playoffs 15.01.2016 Author // Ace

The main part of StarLadder i-League was opened by Vega Squadron - Evil Geniuses matchup. Even though it's the beginning of the day, everyone gathered to cheer for the only CIS team in play-offs.


First map picks:

Vega: Gyrocopter (9Pasha), Invoker (No[o]ne), Lone Druid (Mag), Lion (Solo), Tusk (CeMa)
EG: Outworld Devourer (Arteezy), Batrider (SumaiL), Faceless Void (Universe), Winter Wyvern (Fear), Vengeful Spirit (PPD)


Laning phase was a hard one for Vega, but a couple midases let "sharks" catch up with EG's farm. American team, however, kept the map control in their hands and making good pick-offs, but failed each and every time trying to get up on the enemy highground.


The turning point was a bad smoke by "sharks". Universe was under focus, but PPD saved him in time and then Void placed an incredible chrono and let the teamwipe happen. Vega has been playing defensively ever since, but the advantage soon became too big to handle.



Second map picks:

Vega: Lycan (9Pasha), Zeus (No[o]ne), Nature’s Prophet (Mag), Shadow Shaman (Solo), Bane (CeMa)
EG: Lone Druid (Arteezy), Brewmaster (SumaiL), Faceless Void (Universe), Earth Spirit (Fear), Witch Doctor (PPD)


On the second map Vega went for Nature's Prophet and Lycan pushing strategy added by Zeus by No[o]ne, but Lone Druid were picked by EG this time.


This time the laning phase was working out smoothly for Vega, which let them advance into midgame with ease. And everything was working out until EG used their combo around the t2 tower. After that EG went for the macro type of gameplay by outpushing their lanes and making enemy fight. Unfortunately it worked out and soon enough Vega lost all their chances to come back into the game. 2:0.