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Vega loses to ANOX with minimal gap in LCL Grand Finals 15.08.2016 Author // Ace

In LCL Grand Finals Vega Squadron faced league's current current champion - Albus NoX Luna.

First map picks:
Vega: Fiora (NoNholy), Nidalee (Zanzarah), Vladimir (Drobovik123), Ashe (XDSmiley), Tahm Kench (Edward)
ANOX: Gangplank (Smurf), Rek’Sai (PvpStejos), Kassadin (Kira), Jhin (aMiracle), Taric (Likkrit)

On the first map ANOX didn't ban Tahm Kench. Moreover, they gave Zanzarah Nidalee - it was a lethal mistake. Nikolay carried the whole earlygame for NoNholy, who used this space and did everything he wanted later in the game. "Sharks" only lost one fight for the whole game and opened the scores in the series.


Second map picks:
Vega: Gangplank (NoNholy), Nidalee (Zanzarah), Vladimir (Drobovik123), Ashe (XDSmiley), Tahm Kench (Edward)
ANOX: Gnar (Smurf), Rek’Sai (PvpStejos), Kassadin (Kira), Jhin (aMiracle), Taric (Likkrit)

ANOX decided to ban Tahm Kench and began this game with a kill on NoNholy before minions spawn. Alexander died a couple times around the map, but was still useful in fights.

And if in the last game against Na'Vi the whole team made space for NoNholy, this time he provided the "entertainment service" to the enemy team while his teammates were destroying the inhibitor and then Nexus. It started to look like a sensation.


Third map picks:
Vega: Fiora (NoNholy), Elise (Zanzarah), Vladimir (Drobovik123), Ashe (XDSmiley), Thresh (Edward)
ANOX: Gangplank (Smurf), Rek’Sai (PvpStejos), Karma (Kira), Jhin (aMiracle), Brand (Likkrit)

On the third map "tigers" eventually banned Nidalee and surprised the opponent with Mid-Karma and Brand for Likkrit. ANOX had a great laning phase, but then Vega evened the scores after 2 kills on Smurf.

Even though "sharks" were ahead in terms of kills, they were behind in farm. The key moment was when Vega initiated a bad fight and lost it 4 to 0. After that ANOX had no trouble making use of the advantage given - 2:1.


Fourth map picks:
Vega: Gangplank (NoNholy), Elise (Zanzarah), Vladimir (Drobovik123), Lucian (XDSmiley), Taric (Edward)
ANOX: Gnar (Smurf), Gragas (PvpStejos), Viktor (Kira), Jhin (aMiracle), Zyra (Likkrit)

The beginning of this game looked like the first two. "Sharks" looked great during earlygame - everyone except NoNholy, he was behind for the whole game. Smurf got everything he wanted, made solo-kills and at some point in the game took the lane and ate a couple Vega's champions along the way. Scores got even.


Fifth map picks:
Vega: Ganr (NoNholy), Hecarim (Zanzarah), Vladimir (Drobovik123), Jhin (XDSmiley), Taric (Edward)
ANOX: Gangplank (Smurf), Gragas (PvpStejos), Viktor (Kira), Lucian (aMiracle), Trundle (Likkrit)


And the last map, that began with Vega's early domination, didn't end as planned. "Sharks" had a couple disastrous fights and lost the series.