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Vega leaves PGL Minor qualifiers 20.09.2017 Author // Konservator

We lose the series to Natus Vincere due to mistakes and leave the PGL Open Bucharest qualifiers.

Vega Squadron [0:1] Natus Vincere

Early initiation influences the alignment of forces the most and Na'Vi used it more. "Sharks" had to defend more than attack and Sniper was a problem even though defense was played fine. Eventually Vega found themselves turtling and had to give away their sets of barracks. And after one teamwipe we "sharks" to accept defeat.

Vega Squadron [0:2] Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere didn't change strategy and were successful in the next one. But closer to minute 20 our guys found the answer. A couple teamfights won, a streak taken from Dendi and one lane falls under Vega's pressure. Next couple fights end in Vega's favor as well, but they have to press a couple buybacks. Na'Vi tried to siege another pair of "rax", but overcommited and lost everyone. This mistake lets Natus Vincere turn the game and go for the "throne", putting them in qualifier Grand Finals.

Unfortunately, our way on PGL OPen Bucharest is over. Thanks for cheering for us - we've got more tests of strength coming! Follow the news here, on our website or in the social media presented below: