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Vega invited to main ESL One New York qualifier! 28.08.2015 Author // wndgrdnz

ESL Europe qualifications will begin in August, 31, where teams will be fighting for 1 single invite for the tournament. The bracket will be Single Elimination. where one loss means the end of the tournament for the team. Our team is invited to the qualifications among such teams as The Alliance, Na'Vi, Team Empire, NiP, 4C&L. All the matches will be Bo3 except for the grand final which is going to be Bo5. Also, it's worth noticing that Na'Vi and Team Empire will start their way from 1/4 finals.

Our squad has already started practicing with other teams, they're playing 3-5 games a day. In addition to that, all the players are practicing their personal skills playing solo and party matchmaking. As you can see, the time after the international wasn't wasted, out Dota 2 roster is ready to fight and win. We don't know who we will be facing, but it's not going to be easy anyways.

The Main Event itself is going to be held in October, 3-4 in New York in Madison Square Garden Theater. The only team invited so far is Team Secret, other participants will be announced later. As many of you have noticed, Virtus.Pro haven't been invited to qualifications even though they didn't change their roster. That most likely means that they will be invited straight to the tournament.

All the matches are going to be covered by professional commentators provided by Storm Studio (RUS), their twitch channel is http://www.twitch.tv/stormstudio_dota2_ru

Cheer for us, be with us, it always matters. Go go Vega!